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If your home or business needs rescuing from dirt and grime, then Louis cleaning services are here to save the day.

Our cost-effective, eco-friendly cleaning powers can restore and revitalise your building’s exterior. We can work our magic on most aspects of outdoor cleaning from patios to pathwaysdriveways to decking, and gutters to garden ornaments – whether you’re a homeowner or business

We use industry-leading, powerful pressure washers to blast away dirt, moss and mould, leaving your property clean, bright and safe. A thorough exterior clean from the Aqua Blasters will breathe new life into your outdoors, restoring colour and brightness.

And we don’t use any chemical cleaners, so you can rest assured our services are safe for children, pets, plants and the environment too.

Whether you’re sprucing up, selling or just trying to impress, the dirt-busting heroes at Louis cleaning services will swoop in and give you a property to be proud of.

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